Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sources of Knitting Graph Paper

I created an excel knitting chart tutorial to show how I design knitting charts. Some people may prefer to draw their charts by hand. Knitting graph paper is different from normal graph paper because knit stitches are almost always wider than they are tall. The following sites came up from my search for knitting graph paper.

If you care about the aspect ratio of your final knit product, make sure to knit a swatch to determine your gauge. This way you can make sure to use the right kind of paper.
  • Create Knitting Graph Paper in Excel - I cannot make this list without mentioning my own tutorial! The instructions themselves show making the stitches square, but you can alter the width and height to accommodate the asymmetry of knit stitches.
  • Free Knitter's Graph Paper - Offers three different sheets of graph paper and mentions what kinds of yarns they are compatible with. (In my personal opinion, you should choose the graph paper that has enough stitches for the project you have in mind. Of course different types of yarns have different width to height ratios, but this depends a lot on the knitter.)
  • Actual Size Graph Paper - You can input the number of stitches and rows you want in addition to a few other parameters. In the end, you end up with a PDF of your knitting graph paper.
  • Knitting Graph Paper - Two different ratios (2/3 and 4/5) are available on multiple different sizes of paper.
  • Knitting Graph - 4 different sizes of printable knitting graph paper.
  • Sweaterscapes Knitting Instruction: Create Charts - Offers knitting graph paper and double-knit graph paper.
  • Design Chart - You set the ration and the size of the squares.
  • Asymmetric Graph Paper PDF Generator - This doesn't appear to be specifically knitting related, but it will certainly work fine.
You can always use standard graph paper to complete your designs. I find that it works


  1. There's also a custom knitter's graph paper generator at

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