Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sam's Hat

Happy Birthday, Sam! Welcome to the 28 club.

Sam spends a lot of time biking in any kind of weather, and I wanted to make something for him that would be very warm, so I selected the Stripy Hat Knitting Pattern. Stranded projects tend to be warm to begin with, but this hat has a turned under brim!

I knit the hat on size 6 needles with Lion Brand Wool (Color 201; 3 ply, 2 strands dark brown, 1 strand natural white) and Oyster Heather (KnitPicks Wool of the Andes). 48g were consumed of the Lion Brand yarn, and 33g of the Oyster Heather.

Notes from working on the pattern
  • In the row where I was directed to increase 12 stitches, I *K8, M1* across until the last 4 stitches (112 sts total). I did this in the stranded pattern.
  • I messed up the striping pattern initially, but I realized this when I was on round 2 past the purled edge. Thankfully, I only had to drop 2 stitches and work them back up with a crochet hook to correct my mistake. I'm glad I realized this NOW and not later! The messed up floats will be hidden under the inside brim, so no one will even know (unless they read ChemKnits.)
  • Instead of knitting 38 rows in pattern, I only knit 30 (where it measured just over 13 cm from the purl row.) The original hat was designed for a 12 yr old, but from measuring the hat on my own head and looking at the number of rows left through the decreases, I think this should be sufficient.
I thought the hat looked pretty cute with the curled brim. This is more common in baby hats than adult hats, and wouldn't give the warmth I wanted for Sam's hat, so I went ahead with folding the brim under.

I pinned the brim down before starting sewing. I wanted to make sure that I preserved the elasticity of the hat, so I made my stitches at an angle (rather than just stitching straight across.)