Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair

For our second anniversary, Keith once again took me to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair in Greyslake, IL.    He is such a good sport as I go around all of the booths at least twice handling fiber, snuggling angora rabbits and chatting up the venders.  

Before going to the fair, I meticulously combed my queue to see what yarn needs I had for this great shopping opportunity.  Are you surprised that I didn't really find anything?  I knew that I wanted to come away from this trip with some fiber to spin, as I loved what I picked up last year.  (PLUS I had spun or knit with everything that I purchased last year! What a good girl I am.)  I feel that this is part of the spirit of my long gone 2013 yarn diet to only get spinnable fiber rather than simply adding yarn to my crazy stash.  

I picked up 3 - 4 oz braids and one art bat of unknown fibers.  Oooo I am so excited to play with these!  The first braid is a Meddow Maggots blend for Susan's Fiber Shop of 55% BFL, 15% Black Diamond Bamboo, 15% Tussah Silk and 15% Tencel.  The fiber blend gives some great visual interest that I know will carry through to the yarn.  And who can beat a great combination of teal and pink?  It caught my eye immediately as I was walking around.   I didn't realize it until I looked at the website, but Susan's Fiber Shop is where I tried out my Kromski Spinning wheel for the first time last year!  It now feels even better to give them some business.  

Next I stopped back at the 365 Days on a Farm booth.  I picked up my first ever art batt of unknown fiber quantity.  It is a spooky colorway of black, purple and hints of a lime green.  I am very excited to play with it.  I also couldn't resist the Merino with silk Noil roving in beautiful green.  

Finally, I had to make another stop back at the Fiber Optic Yarns booth.  I LOVED the BFL/Silk fiber that was one of the first projects on my spinning wheel and I was hoping to get some more.   Unfortunately the only color in that blend was the same color that I've already spun!  I would have been happy to spin the same thing again to get more yardage, but since it has been so long since I've spun (not to mention a different color lot) I didn't want to repeat myself.  Instead, I picked up a 20% silk/80% merino blend in deep saturated greens purples and blues.  

I am so excited to start these new spinning projects, but I need to wait a bit longer.  I have a project in mind that requires some hand dyeing, hand spinning and knitting for my baby on the way.  My other finger candies will just have to wait!