Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns

This book has surprisingly little overlap from the first book, a Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  

The sections differ slightly from the first book:

  • Knit-purl combinations
  • slip-stitch patterns
  • slip-stitch color patterns
  • mosaic patterns
  • fancy color patterns
  • fancy texture patterns
  • twist-stitch patterns
  • cables
  • cable-stitch patterns
  • yarn-over patterns
  • eyelets
  • lace
  • lace panels and insertions
  • borders
  • edgings

As you may see from just comparing the section titles, we are going more in depth into color and lace knitting here.  There is an increase in complexity in cables and other types of stitch patterns.  This book is not meant to replace the first Treasury, but supplement it.  Ideally you would add all four to your collection.

I would be much happier if these books included charts, and if they would be re-published as a multi-volume encyclopedia type series with like stitch patterns in the same section of the book.  Maybe I should write a letter to the editor...  

This popular series doesn't end at the second treasury of knitting patterns, it goes all the way up to four!  Check out the other two below.  (I have not seen them myself as my local library does not carry them.)  


  1. I have all 4 of the treasuries. I decided to get them after seeing one of the original editions of the second treasury in the reference section of the Central Library where I live-it has a colour jacket and some colour plates, it was interesting to see what colours she used to do some of the patterns! I would say that the first two treasuries are more 'must have', the latter two nice to have. The third grants you your wishes of charts because that's essentially what it is, with a few non-charted patterns at the back. She specifies that these patterns are non-charted because either the instructions are too brief to bother charting or they have more unusual technique therefore there is no charted symbol for them. I think the most interesting section in this book is the section on closed-ring cables where the cables form an actual ring-*spoiler alert-one of the charts is a peace symbol!* The fourth book is the combination of two sampler books that she had previously published, with mosaic patterns and lace diamonds. These are all charted. There are also some other (charted) patterns that have previously been unreleased.

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