Friday, November 29, 2013

More Baby Lucky Pictures

I always have trouble with sizing baby items.  Therefore I decided to keep track of little Lucky's measurements as he grows.  You know, the important stats like head size and from ear tip to ear tip over his head.  I will eventually share these measurements with all of you, but for now I want to share some fun pictures of Lucky wearing knit items.

I knit so many items for Lucky not just for him to have something to wear, but for props in his newborn photoshoot.  We worked with the IL photographer Sarah Severson and are THRILLED with out the photos came out.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of little Lucky as much as I do! 


  1. How adorable! I love to knit/crochet for nb babies! I have to admit that too worry every time about the sizes, since even the same age babies have different head circumferences.

    1. So I can say for a fact now that his head is the fastest growing part of him. He will be 8 weeks old on tuesday and has just about outgrown the pumpkin hat by length (there isn't much brim to roll up anymore.)

      I sent the owl hat and baby pod to a good friend who just had a baby so the cuteness can be passed along. :)

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