Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another BU Sweater

Holiday time is upon us once again!  My wonderful cousin-in-law(-in-law?) saw the BU ornament I made my FIL hanging on the tree.  She exclaimed over it and I realized that I completely forgot that both she and her husband went to BU for graduate school!  Therefore, making them their own hand knit Boston University sweater ornament became a must for this year.

I created this orament using the same yarn that I dyed using left over tulip tie dye kit dye as the original.  I'm not weighing the yarn, but I should have enough (hopefully!)  The yarn base was KnitPicks Palette and I used size 1 (2.25 mm) knitting needles.)

I decided to wet block this ornament slightly after sewing it up just to give it a slightly better shape.  (I did not take before pictures.  There are plenty of pictures on the pattern page.)

The best thing about the BU sweater ornament is that you can make it for other schools other than BU!  Just change the letters and colors and you can customize your sweater ornament.