Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Video of Completed Knit Projects from Hand Dyed Yarns

You, my faithful readers and viewers mean a lot to me.  I try to take every request and question to heart.  You inspire me to create tutorials and designs.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get to a project, but I keep a list of design and video requests in my design notebook.  When I have time (which is less frequent now that Lucky is here), I pick something that I can finish.

Back in January I had a proud moment.  Someone asked me to make a video showing items that I've knit with my hand dyed yarns and I completed that video the SAME DAY I read the comment.  This was quite an accomplishment, and you can thank 3 month old Lucky for being accommodating to me editing on my laptop while he grinned at me from his bouncy seat.

So please, keep the requests coming. Thank you for all of your inspiration.