Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Skull Knitting Pattern Search

Halloween is a long way away, but there is always a reason to add some fun skulls to your knitting.  Below you fill find some of my favorite free skull knitting patterns.  Enjoy! 

Free Skull Decoration Knitting Patterns
A knit skull toy
Jack Skellington
A knit skeleton toy You must create a free Ravelry.com account to view this pattern
Skully Dishcloth
2D knit skull (single color)
Knit Skull and Crossbones Dishcloth
single color skull and crossbones dishcloth
Halloween Skull Dishcloth
This skull pattern is created through eyelets in the pattern.
Skully Dishcloth
2 color skull and crossbones
POISON! Coffee Cozy
skull and crossbones coffee cozy
Hoochie Cozies
Skull and crossbone bottle cozy
Pretty Punk Blanket by TheKnitteur.com
Some of the panels in this sampler afghan have skulls on them.
Skull and crossbones tea cozy
Skull Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern
Makes the teapot look like a skull

Free Skull Hat Knitting Patterns Now these patterns happen to also be (mostly) skull caps, but each of these hats is either a large skull like costume, or has numerous skull knitting charts around the brim.
Skull flap hat
Skulls and X's dance around the brim of this earflap hat.
Jackyll & Hide
This hat has two forms: 1) you can roll the brim down over your face (making a face mask and revealing a skull like mask) or 2) a simple, white large brimmed hat. AMAZING!
Round Dance
There are full skeletons dancing around the brim of this hat.
Skull Cable Hat
This hat has the skull constructed out of cables so the hat can be made in a single color. You will need to create a free Ravelry.com account to view this free pattern
Skull Caps
These knit skull caps look like giant skulls (or the top half of a skull) perched over your head.
Skull & Clown hat (Klovens dødninghode)
The written pattern is in Norwegian, but there is a chart that anyone should be able to follow.
Bosch's Skull
This hat has skulls allover the entire hat, not just around the crown.
Bead My Skull Cap
A single skull is created out of beads on the front of this hat.
Angel Skull Hat Knitting Pattern
This skull has wings
Grim Reaper Hat Knitting Pattern
Child and adult sizes are provided. There is a large skull taking up one entire face of the hat.
Pirate Bootie
"Instructions given for intarsia/fair isle or for adding the skulls via duplicate stitch." - Designer Patricia Lillie. The pattern has multiple skulls around the brim.
Awesome Zombie Hat
The pattern has multiple skulls (or I suppose Zombie heads) around the brim.
Dead Heart
The hat features skulls and hearts around the entire hat.
Skull Beanie
Large skulls go around the brim
Skull Cap Knitting Pattern
Tiny skulls go around the brim

Free Skull Apparel Knitting Patterns Scarves, Gloves, etc Any item with skulls can be easily adapted for Halloween (or for a pirate party!)
Las Calacas Danzantes Socks
Designed for Dia de los Muertos
Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks
These pirate socks have skulls and crossbones on them
A doubleknit scarf with skulls running up the length
This felted skull scarf has two skull shaped designs (both in color and shape) at the ends
Totenkopf (Skull) Illusion Knitting Pattern
Fun illusion scarf
Zombies Need Not Apply
His and Her skull Fair Isle pulse warmers.
Snowball's Chance in Hell
Armwarmers with a pattern that morphs from a snowflake to a skull.
La Calaverita Chart
three skull knitting charts
Skull Stockings
The skull pattern is developed by knit lace stitches. AMAZING!
Skull Scarf
Many little skulls are knit into each end of the scarf.
Skully Socks
Skulls dancing around the leg portion of these knit socks.
Skully Fingerless Mitts - Knit
One small skull on the back of each hand
Skull-Face Mosaic
A very classy skull based scarf.

Free Skull Knitting Patterns - Miscellaneous Accessories
Pirate Queen Booty Bag
A double knit felted bag
Pirate Dice Bag
I'm not really sure what a dice bag is for... but this one has a skull and crossbones on it.
La Calaverita: Rune, Charm, Tarot or Gift Bag
"You can use this bag for Tarot cards, Runes, Charms, Herbs or Gifts and they only take a couple of hours to make."
Skull & Clown bag -Klovenens dødningehode bag
Written pattern only in Norwegian, but there is a chart.
Skull and Crossbones Wrist Warmer
These would also make great beer cozies

This pattern search was previously published on Sqiudoo. However, since they decided to punish articles with high link density, specifically mentioning knitted patterns*, I have decided to move some of my pattern searches here to ChemKnits.  The research gone into producing these lists and comments are100% my own as I was the original author of the Squidoo lens skull-knitting-patterns under the username chemknitsblog

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