Saturday, May 10, 2014

FAILED - Fighting Star

When I saw the Sliding Star pattern by Frankie Brown I knew that it was awesome.  Going into this project, I knew the outcome would be awesome... but at what cost?  This is a project that will have dozens of loose ends and small pieces to sew together.  It had been in my queue for over a year before I finally cast on.  I finally whipped out my Size 0 (2 mm) knitting needles and some hand dyed bare palette yarn.

I chose 6 colors of my hand dyed yarn for this project.  SOme of these are remnanys from other projects and others were used in my Dyeing Tutorials.  I selected blue, light green, deep green, brown, red and orange.  If I run out of any of these colors, I am prepared to use two of them in the 6th two piece point and then select a seventh for a whole piece.

So why did this project fail?  Why did I not even take any in progress photos for you?  It took me FOREVER (something like 40 rows) to do one half of one piece of the star.  This was going to be a lot of effort for a novelty gift - I would be better off making an origami star for the same level of excitement that this would have brought.  I hate to say it, but I cast on, and failed to complete this project.  I don't have any intention of returning to it either.  Too bad, it would have been awesome!