Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Bigger BB8 Fleece Blanket

The two sided BB8 fleece blanket I made for Lucky on New Year's was a huge hit.  Not only is this Lucky's favorite blanket for snuggling in our living room (or anywhere else downstairs), but Keith and I love using it, too.  Keith requested a blanket of his own that is a little bigger, so I set out to get fabric for a huge double sided fleece blanket

The BB8 fleece fabric is the best Star Wars fabric we found at our local JoAnns.  For Keith's blanket I got 2.5 yards of this fabric and then searched for something to complement it.  I didn't want to pick out the same plaid fabric that I used in Lucky's blanket and I finally settled on another fun bold print, Heart Paws!  Not only does this fabric bring Indy into the mix but it will make a different "backdrop" to use while photographing Rowdy for his picture of the day project.

With 2.5 yards of each fabric lining them up was much easier than last time.  With 1.5 yards the width was almost the same as the length so it was hard to line up.  I trimmed off the obvious thick slevage from the stars wars fabric by hand before starting.  Next, I laid out the fabrics with right sides facing and pinned the edges together.

As I was about to start the fabric I realized that I hadn't prewashed this fabric.  Whoops!  I know that I could probably skip it but I don't want any shrinkage of one of the fabrics to warp it so I tossed the trimmed edges in the wash.  This is only really a bummer as I was hoping to finish it up during naptime.  Oh well.  I'm glad I took the time to prewash.  Either the clerk who cut the fabric was not consistant or the BB8 fabric shrunk in the wash (it is most likely inconsistant cutting but you never know.)  

I stitched about 3/4" away from the edge leaving a 3"+ gap on one side so I could turn it right side out.  I didn't worry too much about being straight but I think I did a reasonable job.  Before turning the blanket right side out I trimmed the edges and corners where needed.  I closed the gap with a mattress stitch and then I was ready for the final hemming.

Once the fabrics were right side out I made sure the corners were square by poking htem out with my fingers.  After I closed out the gap I pinned the fabrics together so the bottom layer wouldn't bunch during sewing and stitched 1" away from the edge all the way around the blanket.

My sewing expands, but I worked on the narrow surface to hem this blanket.  I probably should have opened it up so I would have more work space.  At least now I know I want to do this before I start quilting my first quilt!

Hurrah for a naptime project!  Both boys slept long enough for me to finish up this project.  Too bad it is May so it is pretty hot outside, a little too hot to be stitching up fleece.  I'm glad the evenings are still cool so there will be plenty of opportunities for the boys to snuggle with their BB8 blankets before the fall.

started at completed 5.11.2016