Friday, August 5, 2016

A Wolf Hat

Lucky has two teachers who are both due in August!  His last day of preschool is on Friday and on Wednesday I decided to try to whip up two hats for these teachers.  Will I make it?  (Lucky is going to be in the summer program but neither teacher will be there... let's go!)

Lucky's classroom teacher's last name is Wolf, so I knew I wanted to make this baby girl a little wolf hat.  I went to my favorite crochet hat designer at Repeat Crafter Me and decided to adapt the Crochet Fox Hat for this baby girl.

I decided to make a 6 month sized hat since it would be useful when the weather starts to get cold.  Plus, Rowdy is now the perfect model (just under 5 months old).  I know that he outgrew the Aviator hat I made in 3-6 month size pretty quickly so hopefully the next size up will be a perfect fit.

I pulled out my trusty size H crochet hook and some KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Yarn in White (16 g, 35 yards), Coal (1 g, 3 yards) and Bramble Heather (21 g, 46 yards) and started hooking.

Rowdy's 3-6 month hat technically still fits on his head but is a little short and snug.  The 6-9 month hat that I'm making now is 4 more stitches around than the 3-6 hat and has one more DC row. Hopefully we'll like this fit!

I tried the hat on Rowdy multiple times as I was crocheting.  I think that it is going to be a good fit, and I finished off the base of the hat while he was napping.

The hat base fits Rowdy PERFECTLY!

The embellishments for this hat are actually pretty simple.  I like that the nose is worked with picked up stitches.  It took me a few tries to get it right but the effort put into it was worth it.

I've never done an HDC decrease before. I had to look it up but it wasn't so bad.  I can't believe I thought the cheek fluff was fringe at first, these triangles are way cooler.  The cheeks are also crocheted directly onto the hat.  Less things to sew together and stitch on, so they look fantastic!

My Rowdy has cheeks for days.  The cheek fluff is ADORABLE on him.  I may need to make him a little wolf hat like this one for the winter.

There are a few embellishments, but little crochet pieces are super easy to whip up.  I almost finished this whole project in one day but it was a little too hard to see at 9 PM at night so I was unable to finish up the ears.  Oh well, those can wait until morning.


The ears are so perky!  I love how well they stand up on their own.  Repeat Crafter Me really knows what she is doing!

Finally, little button eyes finish the cutest little wolfman you ever did see.  

This little girl will probably be in Rowdy's preschool class some day.  Hopefully these little munchkins will become great friends!  For now, I leave you with a few more Rowdy pictures as he models this hat.