Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Lego Star Wars Wedding

Laura and Jason's Lego wedding goes Star Wars!  We took the LEGO Bride and Groom and led them into an adventure that took them to a galaxy far, far away.  (Confused? Check out yesterday's post for some awesome Lego Wedding Photos.)  

Lego Laura and Lego Jason disguised themselves to stow away on the Death star.

Don't they fit right in?

Quick, they have to make an escape!

Oh no!  Good thing the Storm Troopers have horrible aim!

The Lego Bride and Groom are back among friends, safe on the planet Hoth.  (In this adventure, if the Lego Bride and Groom are Laura and Jason I'm not sure who that makes me and Keith... Maybe we are Lego Han and Leia? Baby Lucky can be Luke.)  

Sending off the Lego Bride and Lego Groom on some tauntauns.  

Ghost Lego Yoda has some good wishes for the couple.

Congratulations, Laura and Jason!  We are so excited for the two of you.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! We like to play. Keith had a lot of the ideas for the Star Wars Scenes.

  2. Totally random question but in a few of your videos you use a hand crank cake spinner, any idea where you got that from? Really in need of one!!

    1. I got my yarn ball winder from KnitPicks for around $20. It is one of the best accessories I've ever purchased for myself.

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