Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Lego Wedding

Lucky's godmother is getting married today!  Laura and Jason are a fantastic couple full of fun and joy.  Keith and I really wanted to give them something personal.  Since the soon-to-be newly weds are big Lego fans like us, we got them a LEGO Bride and Groom, put the bride in a blond wig, grabbed the camera and started shooting.  This project is not knitting related at all, but it is a design project that I had so much fun with I couldn't NOT share it!

The bride's favorite color is pink.  I'm very thankful that she put her bridesmaids in a deep blue because pink wouldn't have worked so well against my skin and hair.

I set the bride and groom up for some simple shots at first.  I wanted to make these first few scenes look more wedding photograph-like.  

I told you there would be a tiny bit of knitting!  

Very quickly we started putting the Lego Laura and Jason into less-common wedding situations.  This day is about a marriage, a celebration of where they have come from as a couple and where they will be going together over a lifetime.  I really wanted to celebrate the limitless adventures that they could have together by putting the lego bride and groom in various types of situations... like "Under the Sea."

Trapped in a book:

Taming a wild beast:

Boston Strong:

In a Library:

They are a spellbinding couple!

Lucky was a little angry that he couldn't be more involved in this project.  He was a huge fan of the minifigures, but I didn't want him to lose (or eat!) any of the pieces, so he was pretty annoyed during the shoot. 

In the inscription of the book, we told Laura and Jason that we were excited to celebrate the adventures they have had and the adventures that they would build together in the future.  Keith had the best insight when he told them "Don't Follow the Instructions."

Congratulations, Laura and Jason!  Stay tuned, there are some more Lego Wedding Photos that I'll share with you tomorrow.