Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Lucky Bowtie

After making a few other bow ties (headband, Lucky 1 and Lentil's), it was time to make THE bow tie for Lucky's first birthday photoshoot.  At least I think it is the bowtie.  This is the first one that I am going to make in the yarn that I used for Lucky's birthday turtlebutt.  I'm hoping that this is the one, but I don't know if I'll end up liking the look of mixing knit and crochet fabric.  

The Free Newborn Crocheted Bow Tie Pattern is simple and the directions are really easy to follow. When I made Lentil's bowtie I was using super bulky yarn with unknown details.  It pooled in an AWESOME way and I loved it.  Will I like it as much as one color with a (thinner) bulky yarn?  I used a double strand Brava Bulky from KnitPicks in Celestial and a size I hook for the first pass.  I probably will need to redo it on a smaller hook and a single strand of yarn, but I wanted to try to recreate Lentil's bowtie as closely as I could.  

I chained 13 stitches because 11 stitches didn't seem to measure 3.25".  Then I realized that my chain was just too tight, so I started over with a looser foundation chain of 11 sts.  

There are many instances where I feel that crocheting is so much faster than knitting.  Maybe it is because the stitches are denser and larger, but this is a perfect little crochet accessory.  

I used 18 g of yarn, ~25 g to complete this little crochet bow tie. Well, it isn't exactly little. It is big enough to fit a grown man! (or at least close.)

Now that I see the final product, I'm working about the shade of blue. What if it is too dark for the photos and you can't tell it is hand made? To my eye it is a little hard to see the stitch definition.... I'll try it on the baby in the morning and then weigh my options.

It was hard to get good definition of the tie in photos.  To see the details in the tie Lucky's face would end up overexposed.  With correct exposure on Lucky's face, you couldn't tell that the tie was crocheted.  Lucky didn't love the bow tie in the test photoshoot anyway... so I decided to simplify things and not use the bow tie on his birthday.  I'm sure that I will find a fun use for it later on!