Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hypercaffeinated: Coffee Caffeine Coffee Cozy Pattern

A new sample!  Published 5/25/2013.
Many people rely on caffeine to start their morning or to get them through the day. You can purchase many items that have the caffeine molecule drawn on them, shirts, jewelery and even coffee mugs. Show your chemistry power by knitting this caffeine cozy, and give it to your favorite Starbucks junkie.

The ribbing on the back of this cozy gives it some stretch so it should fit different sized coffee cups.

Back view of the cozy

  • Size 3 (3.25 mm) double pointed needles
  • Remnants of machine washable worsted weight wool in Green (MC - 30 yards), Blue (~1 yard total, for Nitrogens), Burgandy (~1 yard total, for Oxygens) and Grey (6 yards, bonds)
  • Yarn needle or crochet hook for finishing
  • Gauge over stockinette: 5 sts/inch, 7 rows/inch
  • Size : Height 3.75" high, 7" circumference.
Caffeine Molecule Coffee Cozy Pattern
  • CO 50 stitches of MC
  • Join to knit in the round, K24 stitches, *P2, K2* until last 2 stitches, P2.  If you are using three knit needles, arrange the stitches so 24 are on the first, 14 on the second and 12 on the third. The entire pattern will take place on the center of needle 1, and ribbing on the 2nd and third needles (the remaining 26 sts).
  • K24 stitches, *P2, K2* until last stitch, P2.
  • K1, knit the 22 stitches of the first row of the caffeine knitting chart (Right to left), K1, *P2, K2* until last stitch, P1.
  • Work all 20 rows of the chart as above, sticking with the same ribbing pattern for the last 26 sts of each round.  
  • Work 2 rows (K24 stitches, *P2, K2* until last stitch, P2.)
  • Bind off loosely, sticking with ribbing pattern where applicable.
  • Weave in all loose ends.

Caffeine Molecule Knitting Chart (20x22 sts)

This project is fast, easy and fun!

The cozy on two size cups (left and middle) and a side view of the cozy to display the stretch provided by the ribbing in the back.


This this pattern was created by ChemKnits for your personal or charity use. This pattern is not to be replicated, sold or redistributed without permission from ChemKnits. © 2010 ChemKnits


  1. hypercaffeinated? Don't mind if I do!

  2. Check out the Free Parking Song that inspired the naming of this pattern! They gave an awesome show last night.

  3. this is sciencetastic. one small question.. should there be 24 sts on the first needle (rather than 30), then 26 on the remaining two?

    thanks for the pattern :)

  4. Alyssa,

    Thank you for the correction! You are correct, there should be 24 stitches on the first needle, and 26 on the remaining two (combined.) I have updated the pattern accordingly.

    I have also updated the difference between Round 1 and Round 2. Sorry for the typo!

  5. Have you thought about putting this in a hat? My 16 y/o step-daughter say this & thought it would be great in a hat... she surprised me in liking the molecule charts. Now to figure out ways to incorporate them into things that fit her EMO style. Suggestions anyone?

  6. Well if any hat has a large stockinette section, it should be easy to incorporate a molecule with duplicate stitching.

    There is also this free pattern for a heterocyclic hat:

  7. So beautiful pattern! Thank you! Can I leave a link to your note in my craft blog?

  8. Yes, please feel free to link to me!

  9. How are you combining the colors? Are you carrying the yarn or adding eachnew color for every row?

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