Thursday, August 4, 2011

Setting Up to Knit Again

Written July 18, 2011 as I frantically tore open my knitting boxes. I haven't knit since completing the garters I knit for my bridesmaids. Unpacking my knitting supplies was not a priority when you consider setting up a kitchen and bed for sleeping. I am thrilled to finally open up my boxes and be able to start knitting again. (Even though it is 90 degrees outside. Man, Chicago is hot!)

Packing is so much easier than unpacking!

Unlike my yarn and knitting needles, the knit afghans were among the first items unpacked. I haven't decided where I can store them safely yet, so for now they are sitting on a chair in the corner of our living room.

My knit afghans (from top to bottom): My Sampler Afghan, diamond afghan, brown afghan my Grandma made, and my 10 hour afghan.

The last time the knitting cupboard was a blank slate I didn't have such a large yarn stash. I no longer can stack everything in it so I can see all of the yarn at once.

My knitting cupboard - a blank slate!

It is always so neat when you first put everything in the cupboard!

There are some larger skeins and miscellaneous knitting accessories that are too bulky to fit easily into the cupboard. Well, I can fit them in there, but then I won't be able to see anything else!

I'm running out of space!

I am so excited to start the new projects in my queue. (Yes, I have a lot of WIP's... but I have a need to get some tiny projects under my belt. I've been working on my WIP's for months!)

I tossed my design notebook and all of my WIP's into my knitting basket. So much to do... I can't wait!