Friday, December 7, 2018

A New ChemKnits Logo and Some New Merch!

I am so pleased to finally share the new ChemKnits Creations logo with all of you!  I wanted to create something that combined Chem-and-Knits but also represented the direction that I've taken with the YouTube channel.  This ball of yarn is sitting in a two neck round bottom flask, a common piece of lab equipment, to represent both the science side and the dyeing experiments that we all love.

This logo was designed by Taryn Johnson is a brilliant graphic designer and artist.  I have been a fan of Taryn's artwork for a long time, so when I reached out to her this fall with my vision I was thrilled that she was able to work with me on this logo.  You should absolute check out her other work!

What was the first thing I did with my logo?  I ran to a few different print-on-demand sites to play around with it on different products.  I wanted to test the scale and quality before offering some merchandise to all of you.  I am so pleased to finally offer some official ChemKnits Merchandise! Right now there are a few mug options (including a jumbo 20 oz mug and a color changing mug that was requested by viewers) plus the ChemKnits "Dyeary" Notebook. 

Stay tuned, because some more merchandise is coming soon! 

To be perfectly honest, I haven't decided how to integrate this logo here into the Blog yet... I still like my hand knit logo a bit. The blog that started everything off, and is about to turn 10 years old in just a few weeks.  I have some plans (plans is a strong word, ideas is likely better) for a new website to center and ground all of the directions that ChemKnits is going... but this blog will never be going anywhere.  The look might change, but will always be the blog that started it all.


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