Friday, May 22, 2009

Knitting on the Commute

I love to knit when I travel. I knit in the car (while a passenger, of course), on airplanes, and even on my bus to work. For planes and buses, I like to have a project that requires minimal materials (i.e. no cable needles), has a pattern that is easy to remember, and whose needles won't disrupt my neighbors. (Frequently I will use round needles even if the project is knit flat so I won't take up as much space.)

Usually my commuting project is something that I can finish quickly (like my drop stitch scarf) but this time, I chose a project that will take me so long, that the only way I will continually work on it will be if I only do a little bit at a time.

This is my first true attempt at knitted "lace" - with lace weight yarn. I am doing a feather and fan pattern (Knitpicks 1,2,3 Shadow Scarf).

I truly expect that I will still be working on this in 2011, but I know that when it is done I will love it.


  1. Your scarf is fantastic, and have a pattern for it, but its only with 36 stitches. Yours looks so much wider, can you increase it to make it like yours.. thank you for lovely patterns. Miranda.

  2. THis scarf definately had more than 36 stitches... maybe 60?

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