Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knit-A-Thon Update... and Keith's First Square!

Here is my knitting update for Pine Street Inn's 3rd Annual Knit-a-Thon. (And my fund-raising plug: please join me in supporting the Pine Street Inn by making a donation.)

Currently I have completed 12 squares!

Keith has always liked using my knitting needles as drum sticks, but he has always declined my offers to teach him how to knit. To my surprise, when I asked if he would like to make a square to join my donation to the Pine Street Inn, he agreed! His square went quickly, he finished it in one sitting. I am impressed by his technique for his first attempt, there are almost no mistakes in the whole square!

Keith knitting (left) and his first completed project (right).

How many squares can I make by Nov 8? Thanks to Sherry I now have plenty of wool for my project, so the limiting factor is me.

So between my 12 squares, and Keith's square we are up to a total of 13 for our household. Want to help out? You can knit 9" squares when I will bring to the knit-a-thon for you, or you can make a donation through firstgiving.