Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Halloween Knitting Patterns

Yes, Halloween is 6 months away. But you should realize by now that I like to play out my knitting projects well in advance! Last Halloween I decorated my apartment with a wide range of knit toys. I hope to expand on this collection for 2011.

This year, I'm starting my project research before October 1. I have written on an article linking you to a huge variety of free Halloween knitting patterns: including ghost, eyeball, Jack-o-Lantern, black cat, skull and witch related patterns. I have expanded the ghost, Jack-o-Lantern and skull sections into articles of their own.

I was really surprised how many skull knitting patterns I was able to locate. Many of these would work for punk and pirate occasions, not just Halloween.

Do you have a knitting project that you are super proud of? Submit your favorite knitting projects to KPOTD. You might find yourself selected as the Knitting Project of the Day!

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