Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pioneer Logo Knitting Chart

Guest Designer Joy S. Grape is back with another design for ChemKnits!

When Joy told me that she was making a Pioneer chart, I didn't really know what it meant. I wasn't sure if she was referencing the people, a game, or a company. (I now know that Pioneer is a seed company.) Even though the chart is based on a logo, I think the design has many great elements that could be converted into many different knitting projects.

When I asked Joy about the significance of the Pioneer knitting chart, she said, "I was involved in a joint project with Pioneer (the seed company) and I had to spend a week at one of their research facilities. The girl who was assigned to work with me had the most amazing work ethic ever- once we actually stayed until after 3am, and the next day she got in trouble from her boss for it! I felt like I owed her something after that. I don't know that much about her tastes, but I know her favorite color is blue and she carries a huge travel mug of coffee everywhere. Knitting a cozy seemed more fun and personal than just sending her a Starbucks gift certificate or something. I just mailed it the other day. I hope she doesn't think I'm a weirdo." Joy, I'm sure that she'll treasure this gift. I agree that a personalized, hand knit gift is a much more personal gift than a gift card.

Pioneer Logo Chart - 23 x 28 sts

As for the Coffee Cozy, Joy doesn't remember the pattern she used, but I have a list of many free coffee cozy knitting patterns that you can use to create your own Pioneer Logo Coffee Cozy. "I've done several cozies based on the same general pattern, so for that one I was just winging it [...] Basically about 1/2" K1P1 around the top and bottom for stretch and then K1 for the pattern." Looking at the picture and from what I know about the size of the chart, I would guess that around 45 stitches were cast on, but I cannot be sure.

This knitting pattern has been published on with permission of Joy S. Grape at This pattern is intended for personal or charity use, and you are not to republish without permission from Joy S. Grape. (c) 2011 Joy S. Grape