Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Search for Coffee Cozy Knitting Patterns

I do like searching for specific patterns when my hands are too tired to knit anymore. :)
  • Caffeine Coffee Cozy (by ChemKnits!) - Perfect for your favorite chemist, this cozy has the caffeine molecule on the front. Stockinette for the pattern, 2x2 ribbing on the back so it can snugly hold a variety of cups.
  • Scripps Coffee Cozy (by ChemKnits!) - This cozy contains the Scripps Florida logo. Stockinette front with ribbing on the back so it can fit different sized cups.
  • Coffee Tea Cozy Up Set - Cup sleeve and matching little pouch for tea bags. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Basic Cup Cozy - Simple, knit in the round. (The pattern itself is about two lines.) There are suggestions for some other types of patterns.
  • Zig-Zag Coffee Cozy - The edges are attached, no button closure. Zigzag pattern.
  • George the Sock Monkey Cup Cozy - This sock monkey has ears sticking off of the cozy, and the way you switch colors make it fit into that popular category. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Cabled Mug Cozy - As the title indicates, this mug has horizontal traveling cables, and there are ties so it can fit on a mug with a handle.
  • Owl Cup Coffee Cozy - As shown with popular hats that have "Owl" cables on them, this cozy is adorable. The cabling creates the owl silhouette and then with a simple embroidery and googly eyes the owl pops out even more.
  • Poison Coffee Cozy - Stranded Colorwork give you the poison warning label. Lightly felted.
  • Valentine Mug Cozy - There is a slit so the cozy can fit on a mug around the handle. There is a little bit of cables, and a heart chart.
  • Coffee Mug Cozy - A simple ribbed cozy. (Click on the link on the page to download the pdf)
  • Cabled Mug Cozy - There is a tiny tie at the top of the handle so this cozy fits on the mug. Simple and very cute.
  • Smock your Coffee Sweater - Short so it doesn't end up covering much of a store bought cup, buttoned closure so it could fit a mug with a handle.
  • Luxe Leftovers Coffee Cozy - There are buttons so you can secure it through the handle, and it looks like there are a couple of buttons so the size is adjustable.
  • Caffeine Coffee Cozy - This cozy does not have the molecule on it (unlike the one designed by ChemKnits) but it does have the molecular formula going around the mug. This cozy is the appropriate size to fit a travel mug. (There isn't really a pattern here, just the image of the chart.)
  • Jaunty Mug Sweater and Tam - A lid has a knit cover on it to make the "tam". The mug cozy itself has buttons so you can attach it around a handle.
  • Coffee/Tea Cup Cozy - This cozy has horizontal ribs, fits a store bought coffee container.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Sleeve - Make a coffee cozy with a breast cancer ribbon. There is a tiny amount of ribbing at the top and bottom. Circular cozy.
  • Adjustable Coffee Mug Wrap - Overall shape is like a canoe paddle, but there are buttons so it could fit a variety of different mug sizes.
  • Felted Coffee Cuff - It is on, but the pattern is free! Simple shape, perfect for a store bought cup.
  • Teacup Handle Sweater - This is a cozy ONLY for the handle of a mug. There are buttons so you can attach it around the handle of the cup.
  • Knit Coffee Sleeve - There is a horrizontal cable running around the coffee shop cup.
  • Mug and French Press Jacket - There is a buttoned closure. The cables and grey color make it look very elegant.
  • Patty - Rectangular textured wrap with button closure. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Button up your Cup - there is a slit for the handle to fit through, and then there is a button closure that goes through the handle to close it.
  • Cabled Coffee Cuff - Long, cylindrical. Perfect for you cafe-bought cup. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Diagonal Mock Cable Mug Cozy - textured, button closure to go through handle.
  • Mug Cozy - Ribbon closure to tie it around the coffee mug. There are tiny little cables going up it.
  • Mug Cozy - There is a slit for the handle to fit through. Ribbed.
  • Stress-Buster Mug Cozy - This is another buttoned cozy. The way the button closure is designed is very elegant, it looks like there is one continuous strap that goes around the mug.
  • Pretty Cabled Mug Cozy - This is another rectangular paddle shaped cozy with adjustable buttoned closure.
  • Hugs and Kisses - There are cables that give it an X and O shape
  • Dashing Cable Mug Cozy - This is connected below the handle, and the buttoned flap goes through the handle.
  • The Love Mug Cozy - There are some button and Icord flower embellishments. There is a button closure.
  • Reversible Cable Mug Cozy - Button Closure. I like how they wrapped yarn around the buttons so it fits in with the knit object.
  • Natural Coffee Cozies - There is a felted cup holder. You will need to create a free Bernat account to view this pattern.
  • Hot Java Cozy - There is a simple stockinette coffee shop cup holder.
  • Mod Mug Hugger - Black and white stripes with black/white patterned buttons make this cozy mod. It is rectangular with button closures to fit around the handle. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Kureyon Coffee Cozies - These cover the entire length of a store-bought coffee cup. The design is simple, but the yarn makes them beautiful.
  • Quick and Basic Coffee Cozy - Stockinette, with ribbing at the top and bottom.
  • His and Her's Coffee Cozies - I'm not sure what differentiates these beyond color, but these round cozies have horizontal cables.
  • Going Green Coffee Cozy - There is subtle eyelet pattern that spirals around the cozy. Made fore store-bought cups.
  • Carrie Causey's Cabled Coffee Cup Cozy - There is a cute Icord tie at the top of the handle, the cozy has a bottom to it, too. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Cabled Cup Cozy - This cozy has a little short row shaping to fit the taper of the coffee cup. Horizontal cables.
  • Fountains Coffee Cozy - This lacy pattern buttons around a mug.
  • My Cup Cozy - Cabled with button closure.
  • Quick Cabled Cup Cozy - There are buttons at the top and bottom of the handle. Cabled as the title indicates.
  • Easy Peasy Coffee Cozy - Some ribbing at the top and bottom. Stockinette center. Made to fit a store-bought cup.
  • Cup Cozy Pattern - This fits over the entire length of a store bought cup. Textured.
  • Twisted Coffee Cozy - Twisty cables cover this cozy made for a store-bought cup.
  • Cabled Cup Cozy - There is one major cable (likely on each side of the cup) and there is a nice halo effect around it.
  • Starbucks Coffee Cozy - Made by a barista at starbucks to mimic their cardboard cozies.
  • Plaited Coffee Cozy - Shown around a travel mug. Cabled.
  • Knot Ribbon Coffee Cozy - Made with ribbon, not yarn.
  • Basket Weave Coffee Cozy - Button Closure. I like the texture of the basket weave.
  • Free Cabled Cup Cozy Pattern - Fits a store-bought mug.
  • Iced Drink Cozy - This has a handle added onto it. Made to fit an iced coffee cup.
  • Simple and Efficient Yet Lovely Coffee Cup Cozy - a Long name for such a small cozy! A simple strap with button closure.
  • "Poppies will make them sleep" Coffee Cozy - This looks like a bunch of felted flowers attached surrounding a store-bought cup. I have not yet found a 3D cozy like this! You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Coffee Cozy Redux - Ribbed, for a store-bought cup, with a cute little flower embellishment.
  • Destash To Go Cup Cozy - Texture with double moss stitch, fits a cafe to go cup.
  • Cabled Coffee Cozy - textured with button closure.
  • Kureyon Coffee Cozy - This one has some cables to it. Fits a store-bought cup.
  • EZ Coffee Cozy - ribbed, no buttons or ties.
  • Noro Cup Cozy - Buttons around (on top and bottom) of the mug handle.
  • NIN Coffee Cozy - Intarsia with NIN logo (Apparently NIN stands for Nine Inch Nails... whoops!)
  • Ready for a Chart Cup Cozy - This is a simple stockinette cozy that you could easily adapt for whatever chart you want.
  • Coffee Cup Six Ways - Just like it says, six different ways to make a cuff that fits your travel mug. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Coffee Cup Sleeve - Tapered to fit a store-bought cup.
  • Twilight Coffee Sleeve - Has the quote "Be Safe" on it.
  • To Go - fits your "to go" cafe coffee cup. Cabled.
  • Knitted Coffee Cozy - It is easy to see how this one is tapered.
  • Obama Coffee Cup Cozy - The O with the pattern of a flag on it. Fits a store-bought coffee cup.
  • Not Rocket Science Coffee Holder - Simple, cabled. Fits a travel mug.
  • Espresso Bracelet - Thin, lacy, button closure.
  • Basic Cabled Coffee Cozy - Button closure.
  • Ho(o)T coffee - This is another owl cabled cozy. There is the owl cable and button closure. I like how the designer named this pattern! You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Coffee Corset - Lace up the back with ribbon to fit around the cup of your choice. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Kitamu Cuddler - Great texture. Fits a store-bought cup.
  • Slingshot - This coffee cozy has a strap like a purse so you can carry your cup without needing to touch it.
  • Organic Cotton Coffee Sleeve - Simple, stockinette design. Fits a store-bought cup.
  • Jazzy - another basic ribbed coffee cozy. Fits a store-bought cup.
  • Ouroboros - This is a lacy, snake shaped cozy. The eyes are the button closure, and a little red tongue makes the transformation complete. You will need to create a free account to view this pattern.
  • Kindling Coffee Cuff - Simple, lacy, fits store bought mug.
  • George Coffee Cup - This fits a store bought cup, but with 6-7 buttons down the edge, it could easily fit around a handle, too. Simple, stockinette.
  • Spirals around your Coffee Sleeve - I love adding colorwork to an otherwise simple cozy. It really makes it look so much more special.
  • Come in From the Cold - Stranded colorwork to add a classic snowflake to the cozy.
  • Cold Coffee Sleeve - Simple, fits a store-bought cup. It fits the cup very nicely.
  • Iced Java Jacket - Nice texture. Fits a store-bought Iced coffee cup.
  • Striped Coffee Sleeves - Horizontal stripes, with ribbing at the top and bottom. There is a simpler variant with one horizontal stripe.
  • Arrows on your Coffee Sleeve - Cute little design. Ribbed at the top and bottom.
  • Arbuckle - Cabled, fits a store-bought cup.
  • Steamy Sleeve - Beading makes a spiral of steam coming off of the cup.
  • Teehetki - Cabled, closed with two buttons. The pattern is not in english, but there is a chart (the universal knitting language!)
  • "I am not a paper cup..." Soft Sleeve - a white coffee sleeve to fit the "I am not a paper cup" reusable cup.
  • Sleeve on a cup - Cabled, fits a travel mug.
  • Pi Cafe Heat Sleeve - Charted on it: pi = 3.1415

This is a popular category of patterns. I hope that you can find what you are looking for!


  1. My goodness! It's going to take me several days just to look at all those patterns! (:

  2. Oh. And NIN stands for Nine Inch Nails - the band. (:

  3. Thanks for telling me about NIN!

    It took me a few days to assemble this list, that is for sure!

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