Friday, November 19, 2010

Search for Dog Booties

Some friends moved back to Boston this summer after living in California. They have a cute little dog, Jacob, who has not yet experienced a winter.

So here is my search for dog booties/socks. I know that these patterns should exist, since I have found some in books that I've reviewed.

Search for Dog Booties/Slippers/Socks/Shoes
  • Princess's Shoes - These look like mini mittens. Are "ankle" length. I wish I knew how long the dog tolerated wearing them! I am concerned that they would slip off in the snow...
  • Make Dog Socks - These are more like leg warmers, so the feet are not covered.
  • Mouse's Steelers Striped Leg Warmers - again, these are leg warmers... but I was thinking about making the booties tall anyway so they would be more likely to stay on the foot.
  • Knitted Dog Booties - The description says that there is a velcro strap, although I cannot see it in the picture. These booties go up the leg of the dog. I found a pattern for a sewn bootie that shows how the velcro strap might work to secure the boot to the dog.

Fun, related patterns that don't quite fit the goal of the search:
  • Paw Cozy - You would think that this would be dog socks, but it is in fact a cozy for the owner. You use this huge mitt to cover your hand while you're holding the leash, so you can have firm control over the leash but still keep your hand warm.
  • Homemade no-sew duct tape dog booties - Crazy. (and completely awesome)

I was really surprised how few knitting patterns I found. I know that people don't often try to put socks on their pets, but I can understand the desire to keep your dog's feet warm in the winter. Please let me know if you find any patterns in this category!

Early in the search, I found I found this amusing article. In the "How to Knit Dog Booties" one of the suggestions was to buy a pair of dog booties, and use that as a model as you knit. Why would you want to purchase something if you were aiming to make it yourself?

I imagine that I'll design a free pattern in the coming months... stay tuned!


  1. So will YOU be buying a pair so that you can design a pattern? That was amusing....

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  2. Nope. The dog is small, so I think I should be able to whip up a few options to test. :)

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  4. You buy them, copy them then return them. I just did it with a hat for a friend.

  5. Kelly, that isn't a bad idea at all! ;)

  6. Thank you! My dog loves wearing her booties and I often craft one for her or buy good ones that are durable and affordable. I love my pet and I want to give her all the best especially since booties offer protection for her tiny paws. I also make sure that we don't go out when there's too much snow and the weather is really bad. I've been seeing a lot of good booties in the market, but one site caught my fancy. Merits a look-see so here's the link

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