Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Knit Dropped Stitches (Video)

Some people have had questions about how to make the dropped stitch highlighted in my dropped stitch scarf and dropped stitch wine bag knitting patterns. I created the following video to give you an illustration on how I make dropped stitches.

The Key Points:
  • Row A: You knit a stitch, followed by a number of yarn overs (YO's) dictated by the particular pattern.
  • Row B: Knit across the row, dropping all YO's. You ONLY knit into the previous knit stitches, NEVER any of the YO's.
  • Yes, you TECHNICALLY increase the number of stitches in the row with YO's, but you never increase the number of KNIT stitches. All of the YO's that you make will be dropped in the next row.
  • In my video, I drop the YO's before the knit stitch. (The ends of the rows is where this gets tricky. You should play around with this a bit until you find what works best for you.)
Video: Knitting with Dropped Stitches - This video shows knitting a row with 3 YO's after each stitch, followed by a row where you drop all of the YO's.