Wednesday, December 14, 2011

VIP Fibers - Free Samples

When I was researching services to spin pet fur, I came across an offer for free samples from VIP fibers! You can select up to four different species. The species change all the time, so you may need to check back for more options. (When I ordered the samples, there were 8 options, now there are over 71!)


  1. Oooh, did you order the Chow-Chow? I used to have one as a teenager, and I always wanted to make his fluffy fur into yarn - but back then, spinning dog hair to fibers was unheard of, at least in Germany :D

  2. Well you cannot purchase pet yarn from this company, they just have these samples from leftover fur that individuals have collected from their pets. This way you can get an idea of what the texture of dog yarn would be like.

    I wanted to choose the breeds most like the American Eskimo or animals I have associations with (Newfie)

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