Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alan's Goomba Hat

My friends Caroline and Alan are running the Boston Marathon in April to raise money for the Museum of Science Traveling Programs. Please support them as they train to run for such a worthy cause by donating in honor of Alan's birthday!

Alan and Keith used to be roommates, and we spent many evenings hanging out in Alan's room playing random internet video games. (Well, I'd watch, the boys would play.) When Alan got his Wii, we spent a lot of time playing Mario Galaxy together (I would use the second controller to get the stars. Woot!) I thought it would be appropiate to make Alan a Goomba hat for Christmas.

Now the Goomba hat pattern included the chart for the hat, but did not include instructions for the hat itself. This knitting project was the basis for my design of a Basic skullcap knitting pattern. Could I have found an existing hat pattern? Of course. However, I wanted to design my own basic hat knitting pattern that I would be able to use as the base for future hat designs (Such as the ombré hat.)

The hat that I show in the generic skullcap knitting pattern is the base of this Goomba hat. I knit the hat on size 6 knitting needles with Berroco Peruvia (68 g of yarn were consumed.) I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes for the duplicate stitched chart.

Happy Birthday, Alan! Why don't you give Alan a great birthday present by sponsoring his Boston marathon run for the Museum of Science?