Saturday, April 28, 2012

Keith's Ombré

I love my knit Ombré hat so much. It is a great project for using up remnants of worsted weight wool. I haven't had enough close colors to make a TRUE Ombré type gradient... that is until now.

This is a mixture of greys and browns, but there is a nice dark to light transition as you approach the crown of the hat.

Colors for Keith's Ombré and grams of wool consumed (KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Worsted Weight Yarn):
A - Bittersweet Heather; 13g
B - Fedora; 8 g
C - Chocolate; 8 g
D - Mist; 9 g
E - Cobblestone Heather; 9 g
F - Bramble Heather; 9 g
G - Mink Heather; 6 g
H/I - Dove Heather; 7 g

Of these 8 colors (not 9 as are in the pattern, but I'm just omitting the last one), there are 5 browns and 3 grays. (ABCFG are brown, DEH are gray.) If I were using new yarns, not ones in my stash I would have selected colors that are all of the exact same hue.

There are a lot of loose ends to weave in. I decided to try something I saw on the KnitPicks Blog to deal with these ends, braiding them. I kept the ends longer than normal, and the wove them enough to make them in a vertical column.

This hat is bigger than mine, but Keith's head is also bigger than mine. I think this one is bigger/longer than the first ombre hat that I made... My gauge was 10 sts/inch rather than 11 sts/inch. Make sure to check your gauge! (I did want this one bigger, so I wasn't too concerned when I realized my gauge was a bit off.)

Keith likes this hat so much that it has replaced the K1B hat I made him ages ago. It is a warmer hat, perfect for Evanston winters. Now my husband and I match as we walk down the street!