Thursday, August 30, 2012

Indy's Bday Bandana

I love my puppy, Indy very much. Now that he is an "adult" (at 1 year old), he deserves some knit clothing. I really wanted him to have something special to wear for his first birthday, and I decided that since he is still my baby that we could do some mother/puppy matching with the Hitchhiker Scarf.

I knit Indy's version of this scarflette on size 4 knitting needles using KnitPicks Palette (17 g) in Brindle Heather. (Indy is a Brown, after all!) The color is actually one of the ones that I used in his puppy stocking last fall. I actually measured my hitchhiker scarf on him when I was knitting it, noting that 16 teeth would be the perfect size for him.

I did not follow the pattern instructions for the last repeat on Indy's stocking, because I wanted it to have a pointier edge. I think that I like this better than the blunt edge and will continue this on all future versions of Hitchiker that I plan to knit.

Indy had a very happy birthday. He ate his first hamburger at a bbq, went to the beach to swim in the lake (without his scarf!) and had many homemade dog treats. Keith and I had a lot of fun, too!