Saturday, August 10, 2013

Owlie Baby Hat

I whipped up this darling little Owlie hat to go with the Owlie Sleep Sack.  Knit on size 7 needles with an unknown worsted weight wool/acrylic blend.  (28 g total used)

Notes from Construction:
18 rounds is 3" for the rolled brim.  I omitted row 1 after that and started on row 2.  After the cables, I knit 6 rounds before starting the decreases.  To make the decreases line up between the owls, I knit the first decrease round as follows: *SSK, K6, K2tog* across, rather than following the written directions which would have the decreases almost centered in the middle of each owlette. 

With brim rolled all the way, piece measures 3.75" after the 18 cable rounds.  I like that the brim is rolled because I don't need to worry about the hat being too short!

The Owl hat is so cute with the matching sleep sack.  I know that these will make a perfect shower gift!  

What more Owl Cables?  Check out the following free knitting patterns that feature Owl Cables.