Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Caterpillar Toy

When I came across the free crochet Baby Caterpillar Toy, I knew that it was a genius baby design.  The body of the caterpillar has two rings around it, giving some interest in color and movement while still being completely soft.  I love it, and cannot wait to make it for my child.  

Yarn Consumption - I used a size G (4 mm) hook and Shine Sport in 5 colors.  
Yellow - 4 g consumed in ring 1
Pink- 3 g; 4 g consumed in ring 2
Teal -  5 g consumed in the caterpillar head
Purple - 2 g consumed for Caterpillar body middle.  
Blue -  2 g consumed in the caterpillar tail.  

The pattern started off by making the external rings (since these get attached to the body as you're crocheting it.)  I had a little trouble crocheting from a chain stitch to start the ring, and I had to rip it out to start again.  Somehow, the first time I got to almost the end with only 14 sts, not close to the 32 i needed!  I must have been skipping some chains. 

Once stuffed, the rings looked pretty good.  Now I just have to hope that they fit on the caterpillar well (i.e. not too tight.) 


As you know, I don't consider my embroidery to be that good.  Therefore, I used size 6 mm safety eyes.  I attached them when the instructions said to start stuffing.  Hopefully I will like the placement when I get to the end!  

I'm expecting the rings to be a little snug...  and they are snug, but can still be moved.  I'm not sure if a baby could easily move them, but it would be some entertainment!  They rotate around the middle much easier than they slide back and forth.  

When I reached the last two rows (to start decreasing) i realized that i had only increased to 16, not 18 for the "tail."  I'll just make sure to stuff it tightly so the rings won't slip off.  

Using some scraps of brown I crocheted on some antennae.  (5 chain for each antenna) 

This was such a great remnant project!  Unfortunately my left middle finger still hurts a bit after crocheting, but I think with time that will get better.  This may become my new go to baby shower gift!  Finished Size - 5" long, ~2.25" high.