Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Minute Baby Shower Gift

At the beginning of this summer, my SIL and BIL were in town visiting from the UK.  They were going to stay with us the second weekend they were in town and with my SIL's BFF (who is also pregnant) the first weekend.  This BFF was going to have her shower, and while I'm not invited I still wanted to send something sweet for her baby.

The problem.  I realized that I wanted to send her a knit gift the day before the shower.  (My BIL and husband are hanging out during the shower, so he would be able to deliver the gift to his host in the evening.) Unfortunately, everything in my current gift drawer was earmarked for a particular bun.  I had nothing extra!   I decided that I would just need to whip something up particularly for this friend.

I have some cotton blend worsted weight yarn (KnitPicks Comfy Worsted) in a variety of colors, but I do not know the gender of this baby.  (These yarns were left over from the sample cards I made my MIL and FIL last Christmas to pick colors for their afghan.)  I therefore decided to go with a fairly neutral pale sage green "Silver Sage."  I selected the Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat pattern - Sweet and simple.

I followed the modifications I made previously to make this hat in the round.  I used size 6 double pointed needles.  Looking back at the pattern I have no idea why they would want you to switch to larger needles for the crown decreases.... I'll stick with size 6 needles throughout.  I forgot to do garter stitch for the brim and ended up with reverse stockinette.  Oh well, it still looks cute!  

After 4 pattern repeats the hat measured 5.5" at the points of the hat.  In the end,  this baby hat consumed 29 g, ~64 yards of yarn.  The final hat measures 6" long x 13" circumference.  

I bust my butt to finish this project in a day, and then Keith forgets to bring it to his brother!  Keith is now responsible for finding out the couple's address and mailing it to them.