Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teddy Bear Amigurumi

When I saw the Teddy Ornaments crochet pattern, my first thought was that these round creatures really do look like ornaments!  

So far other amigurumi I've made with WOTA I've used a size F hook.  This calls for sport weight and smaller than B....  I think I may try using a slightly smaller hook than F to make this a little smaller rather than modifying the pattern itself.  I have both E and D hooks.  I will try to make it with D, but if I have trouble with tension I will move up a size.

I was on row 3 when I discovered the designer had linked to a post with modifications made to work with worsted weight yarn and size D needles!  Thankfully this would mean that I didn't need to start over again.

Before finishing the bottom, I added size 6 mm safety eyes placed between rounds 6-7.  I used used one strand of palette to embroider nose/mouth.  (I think it turned out alright!  For once I like my embroidery!)

I used chocolate yarn for the body (22 yards) and an extra 3 yards were used to complete the ears.  For the scarf I used Teal (~2.5 yards) and Wonderland Heather (~5 yards).  I chained 53 sts to start and then followed the supplemental instructions.

The scarf is my first real "flat" piece of crochet.  I am quite proud of it, especially since it doesn't matter that the ends are a little uneven.  The scarf was done all in one direction, so I have not worked back and forth crochet yet.

I glued the scarf to the bear per the instructions.  I used pins to hold the scarf in place as the glue dried.

I am in LOVE with the final result.  The pattern also includes instructions to create a panda and a koala bear.  I know that I will be making more of these in the future!