Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wool 2 Dye 4

I have always wanted to order yarns from Wool2Dye4, but unfortunately most of the yarns come in 10 skein batches (intended for bulk purchases by independent dyers.)  I have tried some of the yarns via dye festivals, based on the yardage weight of the yarn on the lable, but I was really excited to try out the bare yarns.

In my sock weight sampler, I got Cash Sock MCN, Sheila's Sock and Silk Sock 50/50.  This also came with two miniskein samples - Silk Sock 50/50 (unfortunately also in the sampler) and Sheila's Sparkle.  I haven't tested them out yet, so I cannot review them... but I am saving them all for a special occasion.

The sock yarn sampler (and other samplers) are only available occasionally, so it is worth checking back on the website often if you are interested in trying them out for yourself.