Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hungry Caterpillar Hat (Part 2)

Once the Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon was completed, I needed to start  the hat to complete the ensamble.  

I plan on resuing some colors from the cocoon for the eyes, but the colors for the hat itself are entirely different.  I used Brava Worsted in Wine (held double stranded - 90 yards) for the base of the hat and Umber Heather (single stranded - 20 yards) for the antannea.  The hat is knit on size 10 (6.0 mm) dpn's, and the antennae on size 7.  

I had read that the hat runs a little small from other knitters on Ravelry, so I decided to knit the Large Newborn - 3 month size hat.  If the hat is a little floppy that will add to the cuteness factor during the photoshoot.  (Plus, I can just do a cheat stitch in the back to make it fit better for the shoot itself, and then Chirphead could grow into it.)  
Notes from Construction
  • I chose to knit a stockinette rolled brim rather than following the alternate directions.  21 rows of stockinette before starting the decreases.  
  • I added a Knit row after 24 sts remained in the decrease rounds.  
  • The finished hat itself measures 6" (with unrolled brim) x 7" (14" circumference.)  5.5" with the rolled brim.  
  • The hat has a lot of structure to it, and can stand up on its own.  Therefore, even if a little big it should sit on the baby's head just fine.  (At least this is what I keep telling myself.)  
  • I think it is a little short for an older baby, but since I want it on my newborn...  (The pictures of babies in the newborn hat looked too short to fit well.)  
  • Antannea - I knit 25 rows total before bind off and didn't stuff them before sewing them to the hat.  

I knit the eyes in C3 and C2 as defined with the cocoon.  Rather than make a chain and glue it into a sprial, I decided to just crochet the eyes as follows using a size G Hook.  Magic ring:  Ch2, 10 DC in the ring.  slip stitch to join.  (10 sts.)  Ch1, 2SC into each stitch around, join (20 sts).  With C2, Ch1, SC in the same stitch, 2SC in next stitch.  Repeat around (30 sts)  Fasten off and stitch to hat.  

I am thrilled with the way this set turned out!  My baby will really look like he stepped out of an Eric Carle book when he is dressed up in these.