Friday, December 6, 2013

KnitPicks Share Your Wishlist Contest

KnitPicks is having a "Share your Wishlist" contest running now through December 9, 2013.  There are three ways to enter: email your wishlist, share it on Facebook or share it on your blog.  Take a peak into what I'm dreaming about, because here is my wishlist

To make this post a little more fun, here is my most recent KnitPicks Order (hurrah for the Cyber Monday sale.)  I managed to get all 18 items for $50.93.  How is that for hitting the free shipping mark? I purchased two yarns that had been on my wish list for months (or even years), Capretta and Imagination hand painted yarn. 

Time for me to go play with my new pompom maker.  I have a Christmas hat for Lucky to finish up.