Friday, July 11, 2014

This is the way we wash our knits...

I normally wash my hand knit items by hand.  I'm afraid that they would get twisted too far out of shape in the washing machine, and I like having the control of something that took me hours to create.  However, after machine washing a hand dyed swatch I decided that it was time to take the plunge and machine wash a hand knit hat.

Plus the hat really needed washing.  Lucky wears this hat ALL THE TIME.

I machine washed the hat on cold, and then was going to let it dry flat so I could re-block if necessary.  The rolled brim had straightened out, but this was easily fixed on the blocking board.  

I'm so relieved!  It is silly for me to pick machine washable fibers for projects when I don't actually machine wash the items, but here we go.  I washed one hat, and now I can machine wash more of Lucky's knit items. 

I can't let you go without a few more pictures of 6.5 month Lucky wearing his favorite hat.  It is just about too big for him.  Now that it is summer time he isn't wearing hats out and about, so I'd better start planning his fall/winter head wear!