Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Girl Flapper Hat

I know so many baby girls who have made their way into this world lately. When I saw the Baby Girl Flapper Hat crochet pattern, I knew that I wanted to try to make it for my SIL's new god-daughter.  I decided to make the 3-6 month size with an H hook since I would be meeting the baby in July when she would be around 3 months old.

I pulled some Bernat CottonTots out of my stash in the color Wonder Dreams.  I don't have ribbon  on hand that would work... but I may have something thinner that I can double up.  Ooo I'll have to dig in my craft box to see.  Anyway, I was really excited by the pale shades of white, blue, yellow and green and thought it would be perfect for summer while matching many different outfits.  I got 8 DC"s into round 4 when the baby woke up from his nap.  This is going to be a nice and fast project.  Wahoo!  (There are only 11 rounds total.)

After 5 rows, the hat measures 5" across.  This means that by row 10, the depth of the hat will be 5 inches.  The projected circumference of the hat should be around 16", which would have fit my 3 month old, and this is without taking into account the existing stretch.  Wahoo!    

After row 10, the hat is 5 inches deep and about 16 inches around, just like my prediction.  It is nice when things work out like this, isn't it?  I briefly tried it on 7 month old Lucky (after row 9), and it fit around his head but it is definitely too short, but this isn't a hat that should go far down over the eyes, and he is a bit old for it anyway.  This reminds me, I forgot to take his 7 month measurements!  I must do that now.  

I completed the pattern as written.  If I wanted it for a slightly older baby, then I would add an extra round before doing the scalloped brim.  On round 11, I was confused when it said to "sk 1 st"  I thought this might mean skip a stitch, but that left a hole without a scallop.  I therefore deicded to SC 1 stitch in between the shells.  
Take 1
Take 2

So now this is feeling rather crowded.  Maybe I'm supposed to sk1, sc 1, then sk 1.... OOOOOOOOOHHHH  (looking at the picture there are only like 13 scallops... so I think this is the correct way.)  
Take 3
See, I knew that I could figure it out in the end!  

I maybe cut the ribbon (1/4" left over from the garters I made my bridesmaids) a little too short.  I should have let the bow me bigger so the mama could shorten it as needed.  I secured the clipped ends with a little bit of nail polish so they wouldn't unravel.  

This hat is too small for 7 month old Lucky, but as the little girl I'm making it for will be 3 months old in July, I think it will be a perfect fit (if not have plenty of room for her to grow into.)  Even with my scalloping difficulties this project went really fast.   I cannot wait to make one again!