Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Squid Crochet Patterns

There are numerous squid crochet patterns and octopus crochet patterns available for free online. I have done a search for these free crochet patterns, and want to share them with you in this lens.
In Knitting vs. Crochet, crochet wins on the number of free cephalopod patterns available.

Toy Squid Crochet Patterns - Free Squid Knitting Patterns

Toy Octopus Crochet Patterns

Miscallenous Squid and Octopus Crochet Patterns - Free Crochet Patterns

Functional Octopus and Squid Crochet Patterns: Baby booties, purses and more! These crochet patterns will help you create more than just a toy.

This pattern search was previously published on Sqiudoo, however with the migration of Sqiudoo to Hubpages at the end of 2014 some of the pattern searches don't work for Hubpages's model.  I have reposted the former lens/hub here.  All the research finding the free knitting patterns is my own and I wrote all of the descriptions of the patterns unless otherwise noted.  Please let me know if any of the links are broken, I am working on migrating multiple pattern searches over here at once.