Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Knitting Beyond the Edge

Are you on the edge on your seats for this book review?  You should because we're Knitting Beyond the Edge!  Knitting Beyond the Edge is the third book in a series by Nicky Epstein.  I reviewed Knitting on the Edge and Knitting Over The Edge years ago (almost 5 years ago!)  After that review I slowly added them to my knitting library, so when I realized that there were another two books in the series (Crocheting on the Edge - to be reviewed shortly) I knew that they should join my collection.

This book includes samples of cuffs, collars, corners and edges and closures.  There are amazing cabled button holes and ways to start (or finish) sweaters and mittens.  And knit frog closures!  There are delicious amounts of inspiration in this book that I could see turning into some designs I share here on ChemKnits.

The book does contain some patterns which incorporate fancy collars and cuffs.  The Belle Epoque Jacket (cover) features peplums, cuffs and cord frog closings.  There are three other sweaters before you find a really darling Deep V-neck Sleeveless Sweater (crop top!)  This sweater isn't my style, but it is certainly in fashion right now and the ruffled neckline is really hot.

Finally, there is a section to the book called "necklines &  patterns" where Nicky Epstein discusses how to incorporate some of the edgings in the book into a different pattern's neckline.  This way you can try to use this book to help modify existing patterns versus start designing a new sweater from scratch.

Knitting Beyond the Edge is a great knitting stitchionary that you should add to your library if you have any interest in knitting design or modification.  I've already mentioned that I'm feeling inspired and I cannot wait to play with some of these techniques in my designs.