Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Photoshoots of Years Past

Halloween is around the corner and I'm gearing up for another birthday party AND Halloween party.  What will Lucky and Indy be this year?

I haven't made a Halloween costume for Lucky yet, but I am hoping to make this happen this year.  If I have time then I'll also create a companion costume for Indy, as these two boys have matched the last two years.

Halloween 2013 - Pumpkins

With an October birthday, wasn't it fitting that little Lucky would be a pumpkin for his first Halloween?  At only 3 weeks old Lucky was still in the very poseable newborns stage.  I took some tips from our newborn photoshoot photographer and created a little backdrop over his boppy pillow.  Indy was SUCH a good sport and I got one of my favorite pictures of all time of my boys.

Halloween 2014 - Pinterest Inspiration

I was inspired to do Lucky's first birthday photoshoot by a picture I found on Pinterst of a toddler with a pumpkin in front of a Halloween background.  I decided to create a backdrop out of pennants and black bulletin board paper.  The blue paper was easier to photograph against.  With the black the seam between layers of paper was more visible and the color didn't quite pop the way I wanted.  Nevertheless, I was really happy with how this shoot came together.

Together with a cute little hat and a no-sew necktie I created a cute little shoot, right?

Halloween 2014 - Dinosaurs

The cute little Halloween backdrop we created worked for two different photoshoots (might as well maximize the effort, right?)   Lucky and Indy dressed up in their dinosaur costumes and were little hams as I clicked away on the camera.

Halloween 2014 - Pumpkins

Since I had all of the pumpkins already set up, who could resist a pumpkin specific photoshoot?

Halloween 2015 - TBD

At the time of writing this post I'm at the early stages of planning Lucky's birthday.  I know that I am going to have a Halloween themed party and that I want to take some pictures of Lucky and Indy together.  I want to make a fun backdrop that will work for pictures of the boys on their own and then can also be part of the party decor so the guests can take pictures in front of a fun backdrop, too.  Hopefully you won't have to wonder about what I came up with for long!