Sunday, February 14, 2016

Welcome to the World, Rowdy!

Here is the newest member of the ChemKnits Family, "Rowdy!"

Rowdy on a handknit afghan knit by his Great-Grandma
I knew that I was going to call Lucky "Lucky" on the blog as soon as we picked his name.  It was harder to pick a code name for my little active dancer formerly known as Boogaloo before his birth.  I have no idea if this name will fit his personality, but this baby was certainly Rowdy in utero!  The letter R is also his first initial, and it is an endearing way to remember how active he as with rolls and kicks while inside me.

Rowdy with his Rainbow Unicorn Woobie and Rainbow Chevron Newborn Hat, both knit by his Mama!  

Today Rowdy is a month old.  This little boy was supposed to arrive in February but he decided that he should arrive early.  Thankfully both of us are doing really great, and Rowdy is growing like a champ!  Big brother Lucky loves his baby and enjoys every opportunity to snuggle him.  I am also very thankful that Lucky is very patient for some photoshoots with his baby.  (I can't resist showing off a bunch of my boys, even if they don't feature any crafts or knit items.  Although I suppose you could claim Photography as a craft that I love!)

2015 was an intense year with lots of uncertainty, changes and ultimately hope and blessings.  Little Rowdy is my little ray of hope, my little ray of sunshine.  I found out that I was pregnant with him last June just days after I found out that the tumor I had removed from my breast was benign.  I have a new scar that I see every day, a scar that I try to associate with the hope and strength versus fear.  I hope that both of my boys will feel this, too.

I can already tell that these ChemKnits boys are going to be best friends!


There are still a lot of posts coming that were scheduled before Rowdy was born, so he isn't featured in all of the posts of items created for him.  I will make sure to add some catch up posts so you can see him in all of the adorable hats I made for him!  

I cannot wait to share more of my hand knits, hand sewn and photography projects with this newest member of the ChemKnits family! Welcome, Rowdy!