Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baby Rowdy in Some of His Hand Knits

You've seen me talk about many items I've created for baby Rowdy, but since these posts were created before he was born there are no images of him wearing them.... until now!  I hope you enjoy some of the cuteness of the newest member of the ChemKnits family!

First up is baby Rowdy in his Puerperium cardigan.  I haven't yet posted about the construction of this sweater but I finished it up a week before he was born!  

The sweater is in the same yarn as Lucky's Frozen sweater.  I am SO proud of the image I captured below!  

Back before Lucky was born (and was known by the nickname "Chirphead") I hand dyed, spun and knit a baby cocoon for him. This cute little photography prop made the rounds of many of Lucky's friends who were born in the same year.  The pod made it back in time for me to photograph Rowdy in it.  

My photography skills (and photoshop skills) are very amateur but I enjoy it so much.  It helps to have such an adorable subject!  

The crochet newborn dinosaur cape was just big enough to fit my newborn baby.  It was hard to pose with the spines but I am happy with the images I captured.

Finally my little Rowdy is snuggled with his Rainbow Unicorn Woobie in his Chevron Rainbow Hat.  

This is not the last post of Rowdy pictures wearing handknits. Stay tuned for more cuteness!  If Rowdy is referred to as "Boogaloo" then you know the post was written before he was born.