Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Blast from a Birthday Past

How is my little Lucky 3 years old?  Lucky had a great birthday party last month, even if our playground party got rained out and we had to move it indoors. We did a number of fun birthday pictures with our newly minted 3 year old (is he still a toddler?) and I realized that there was something silly we could try.

For Lucky's first birthday cake smash, I made him a turtle butt diaper cover and a party hat with a crochet whale and pompom.  We have the party hats I made sitting on a floating shelf in Lucky's bedroom.  I have been going through the clothing I knit for Lucky so Rowdy can have a chance to wear it (he'll probably wear the same turtle butt at his birthday party).  I realized that Lucky might still fit in this diaper cover!


Most kids clothes change in length, not width.  The turtle butt cover is a little short, but Lucky had a blast trying on his First Birthday Suit.  (I realized later that I chose the wrong hat for him.  Whoops!)

Before I decided to make the turtle butt for Lucky's smash cake, I made a wool turtle butt before he was even born.  (The smash cake outfit is acrylic so it is machine washable.  Most diaper soakers are 100% wool so they can soak up any diaper leaks.)  I never really needed a diaper soaker for either boy.  They never leaked in the daytime.  However, since I had a small and a large turtle butt in the house this means that BOTH Lucky and Rowdy could wear them!

A certain big boy loves his baby brother so much!

I think that Indy was glad that I didn't have a turtle butt for him, too.

It is only the beginning of November but I'm already thinking a lot about Rowdy's first birthday party and smash cake.  I don't think I'll be able to have as much DIY at Rowdy's first birthday party, Lucky's first birthday was sure a whale of a party!