Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Triangle Dinosaurs

When I came across these triangle popsicle stick dinosaurs I realized that this was a perfect project to do with Lucky.  All of the pieces would be easy to cut out AND it could involve both painting and gluing.  What more could a 3 year old ask for?  (Plus it is an added bonus these dinosaurs could work as decorations for Rowdy's first birthday party!)

We started by painting some wooden craft sticks into different colors.  Lucky got really into the "painting project" and enjoyed having an object to paint.  He also really liked mixing the colors on his plate.

Whenever we paint, I spread out the leftover paint over the paper plate to use for future crafting projects.  You'll see the plate he was using today featured in another dinosaur project!

I glued the first two triangles once the paint was dry to see how it came together.  I used Elmer's school glue and it seemed to hold okay with the overlapping edges.  Lucky helped me glue the remaining triangles. I placed the glue and he placed the ends on top.  He needed some assistance to complete the triangles, but enjoyed the "project" time.

I cut the pieces freehand.  In the picture below my triangles look perfect, but you can't tell that there are some slight cut out pieces because those will be hidden by the craft sticks.

I set aside multiple color options for Lucky in a take out food container and started gluing my samples.

Now it is time for Lucky to create his dinosaurs.  He likes to "let me look at the picture" when he is doing a project and follow along.  I don't care how he glues the pieces to the dinosaurs because these are HIS crafts and I already got a few "perfect" ones out of my system while he was at school.

Lucky wanted to help draw the smiles on his dinosaurs.  He did a really good job!

I really enjoyed this project because it gave us a THREE different periods of activity: painting the sticks, gluing the triangles and then finishing the dinosaurs.  Lucky LOVES doing projects, even something as simple as doing a little glue.

Want more inspiration?  Check out my dinosaur birthday party Pinterest board!