Monday, February 27, 2017

Aquacessories - H2O Molecule (aka Water Molecule) Knitting Charts

The "Ice Cap" Headband - Aquacessories with Water Molecule Knitting Charts

I like to design molecule knitting charts, and I've even knit many projects (mostly beer cozies) with them over the years.  Currently my most popular molecule chart is the DNA cable which can be seen in the GENEie Hat Collection.  Recently I was asked to design some H2O knitting charts.  Hydrogen is usually invisible in the molecule charts I design, so this presented a unique opportunity to think about the shapes a different way.

There is a lot of movement in water molecules so I designed a few versions.  I think that it would be really fun to have these molecules dance around the brim of a hat.  I had a lot of fun coming up with various "vibrations."

Ice Cap (Aquacessories Hat & Headband Knitting Pattern) - I recommend a gauge of 22 sts/4" and 12 rows/2" over colorwork stockinette using size 6 (4.0 mm) knitting needles and worsted weight yarn.  Since I have not knit a sample of this pattern please consider this more of a guideline for creating your Aquacessories.  If I get a chance to knit up a sample I'll update this page accordingly.
  • Using worsted weight yarn (in three colors), cast on 100 sts with the main color on US size 6 (4.0 mm) knitting needles.  Join to knit in the round. 
  • *K2, P2* around for 3 rounds (headband) or 5 rounds (hat).  
  • *K10, M1* around (110 sts).  
  • Next round: Join the contrasting colors and begin round 1 of the knitting chart.  You will repeat the chart 5 times in each round.
    22 sts x 9 rows
  • Continue knitting the remaining 8 rounds of the knitting chart.  Break the contrasting colors and continue either the hat or headband instructions. 
    • Knit across for 1 round
    • *K9, K2tog* around (100 sts)
    • Knit 2 rounds of 2x2 ribbing (*K2, P2* around)
    • Bind off in ribbing pattern.  Weave in loose ends and block if necessary.  
  • HAT 
    • Knit in stockinette (knit every stitch around) until the hat measures 6.5" from the cast on edge.  
    • Begin crown decreases as follows:
      • *K9, K2tog* around (100 sts) 
      • K around 
      • *K8, K2tog* around (90 sts) 
      • Continue to decrease stitches every other round until 10 stitches remain.  
      • K2tog around (5 sts) 
    • Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches with CC. Weave in loose ends. Block if desired.
When I realized how ordered these water molecules were arranged on the headband I had to rename it the "Ice Cap"! 

Here are some other water molecule knitting charts that you can incorporate into your favorite Aquacessory.

H2O Knitting Charts - Ball Version - For some "vibrations", rotate the chart 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Water Version #1 - 11 sts x 9 row

H2O Knitting Charts - Molecular Formula Versions - There are more ways you could rotate these water molecule knitting charts beyond the three options I've shown below.  They can be flipped and rotated to try to fit them together in an array.  

Letter Version #1: 9 sts x 7 rows
Letter Version #2: 9 sts x 9 rows
Letter Version #3: 10 sts x 6 rows
 Incorporating Water Knitting Charts into Aquacessories Hats & Headbands
The March for Science is coming up on Earth Day - April 22, 2017.  A bunch of crafters are working to create a variety of hat styles in green and blue to show our support for evidence based legislation, climate change, and many other science issues.  (To read more about why I am marching check out the original GENEie hat knitting pattern.)  

I haven't knit any samples with these charts, but I have some idea about how you could incorporate it into a hat or a headband.

Water Water Everywhere Knitting Chart
The last chart is an example of how you might incorporate multiple H2O charts into one garment.  There are additional rotations beyond what I shared above.  If you were to cast on 100 stitches and knit this chart 5 times around you would have a very busy water hat (Aquacessories!)   Keith said that this chart looked a little like a "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Christmas hat, but I decided to share the busy water example anyway.  Do you see water or laughter in this chart?  

An example of how you can put a bunch of the letter water molecule knitting charts together.  This example is 20 sts x 34 rows.   

How would you use a H2O knitting chart?  Let me know in the comments!

Ice Cap, Aquacessories and H2O Molecule Knitting Charts © 2017 ChemKnits & Rebecca Roush Brown.  These charts are available for free via for your personal or charity use.  You are not to copy or distribute this pattern without the permission of the publisher, ChemKnits.