Friday, July 7, 2017

Tie Dyeing for St. Patrick's Day

I love dressing up the boys for holidays.  I was also looking for an excuse to tie dye some more t-shirts.  I love buying St. Patrick's Day t-shirts for the boys since I have nicknamed my eldest "Lucky" on the blog.  I didn't see t-shirts that I liked this year that would come in 12 month and 3/4T.  Therefore I decided to make my own shirts, starting with a crinkled tie dye technique.  

I had no idea people would enjoy watching me tie dye t-shirts so much! My last tie dyeing video has a LOT of views now.   If people really are enjoying this then I will try to dye things that aren't yarn a little more often.  Like many other of my dyeing videos, I planned to make things up as I went along and cross my fingers that I would get some cool results.  

I used part of my really old Tulip Tie Dye Kit (from 2012!).  I still had some dry green dye and some blue dye that I mixed back when I did the Wellesley shirts in 2016.  

I've done a lot of complicated folds over the years, but this time I just wanted to create a mostly solid with some variation.  I crinkled the shirts up by pinching and scrunching them and then tied them up with rubber bands.  I applied the green dye all over and then the old blue dye lightly to one side for a little more variation.  

After 24 hours, the shirts were ready to rinse and wash.  They came out pretty differently, the onesie has a lot more blue than the toddler t-shirt, but I think this is a result of how much green dye I added to both of them.  

You can wait even longer than 24 hours to open up the shirts, but I was so excited to see the results.  They boys were pretty excited, too.  

We've taken pictures for St. Patrick's Day on this rainbow 10 hour afghan ever since Lucky was a baby. I considered appliqueing a shamrock or something onto the front of the shirts, but in the end I liked how they came out so much I didn't want to modify them further.  

Indy, maybe I'll make you your own shirt next year, too!  Rowdy was the most excited to take pictures this time.  Can you tell?  

Want to know more about this technique?  Watch the video to see exactly what I did!

I'm not done tie dyeing.  Soon I'll share with you one of my favorite tie dyeing projects ever, creating stars with creative folds!  

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