Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thank You!

Dear Fans of ChemKnits,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am awed and humbled by the support, encouragement, and love you have shown me this week.  Thanks to you, Dyepot Weekly is going to be a reality!  ChemKnits is so many things to me right now.  I'm a blogger, a designer, a dyer, a YouTuber... and many of you follow me for different reasons.  However you found me, I'm glad to provide entertainment, education, and fun.

The Dyepot Weekly Kickstarter Campaign is active through October 18, and there are still many fantastic rewards available.  The smallest reward starts at $1, where you can provide backer input to help shape the Dyepot Weekly episodes and get access to backer only Kickstarter updates.  Other rewards include hand dyed and handspun mini-skeins, surprise skeins of yarn, sponsorship of videos (and you get the dyed yarn from that video!)  At the highest level of sponsorship still available ($150), you get to pick what types of dyes, fiber and technique is used in your sponsored video.  Funds raised above the original goal will go towards more fiber and types of dye so I can bring you a lot of variety in the first 25 episodes of Dyepot weekly.

I can't wait to start filming the yarn dyeing series.  I have a lot of fun dyeing experiments planned.  Backers have already provided so much feedback over what types of dyes, yarn, and techniques they want to see in the videos.  I get a lot of requests though YouTube, so it is fascinating to see what specifically my backers want to see most.

Your chance to obtain yarn dyed by ChemKnits is limited to the Dyepot Weekly Kickstarter campaign.  I have no plans to open an Etsy store for my yarn.  I get joy from creating dyeing videos and exploring interesting ways to apply dye to fiber.

Please continue to share photos of your dyeing projects with me on Facebook, Ravelry and Instagram!  I love seeing what you dye, and I can't wait to see what you create with your new yarn.

Rebecca from ChemKnits


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