Friday, August 24, 2018

Weekly Roundup - Indigo Week!

It is Indigo Week on the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube channel!  Stony Creek Colors sent me some of their American grown, plant extracted indigo so I could start my first vat.  This project was full of up and downs, but I am so happy that I was able to publish SIX fun videos with my indigo journey this week on the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube channel. 

It is Indigo Week on the #ChemKnitsTutorials YouTube channel! The first three videos of my adventures feature my failed attempts to set up an iron vat, and then how I successfully reisolated the indigo to set up a hydrosulfite vat. Thank you so much @stonycreekcolors, for your beautiful plant derived Indigo and for helping me troubleshoot my way to a working vat. ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒฟ If you want to follow the whole journey, check out the indigo week playlist, or you can start with Dyepot Weekly #66 to watch me make my first successful indigo dyed yarn. . . . . #indigovat #naturaldyeing #dyepotweekly #stonycreekcolors #indigo #dyeingchemistry #dyewool #dyecotton #indiedyer #fiberartist #summercrafts #outside #indiedyersofinstagram #dyestagram #playwithcolor #dyeallthethings #yarn #yarnlover #yarnie #trysomethingnew
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A few weeks ago, I talked about my first indigo vat fail in the weekly roundup. I was so excited to try this out, but unfortunately my first attempt to set up the iron vat just did not work.  The indigo didn't reduce and I was unable to dye fiber.    Stony Creek worked with me that week to come up with a plan to convert my failed iron vat into a successful hydrosulfite vat.  I am so happy that I decided to stick with the project and get something that worked! 

As I was preparing for my first indigo vat, Stony Creek Colors was working on developing their own 5 gallon kit to sell through their website.  They recommend Graham Keegan's protocols, which unfortunately did not work for me.  They, too, ran into issues with Graham's protocol. Graham has been selling an indigo kit (using Stony Creek Colors' Indigo - which is why they directed me to those instructions) for a while.

Stony Creek Colors now has their own protocols for a few different types of indigo vats.  They have their own iron vat protocol (this one works!) and a hydrosulfite vat protocol which is very similar to the one that I used successfully.  You can even buy a kit so you can get everything you need to start dyeing with their plant derived indigo yourself. 

I greatly appreciate Stony Creek Colors working with me while I was troubleshooting this vat. Without their help, I would have thrown this away and given up.  Instead, I was able to isolate the indigo and convert my iron vat to a hydro vat where I successfully dyed yarn with indigo.  HORRAY!

It is so fun to see the range of blues that can be created with this technique!  I plan to re-start my vat again so I can try a few other yarn dyeing techniques and also play around with dyeing some fabric.  What would you dye with indigo?  

Sometimes things don't work as expected.  Watch as I attempt (and fail) to create my first ever indigo vat.  This video is edited as I proceeded.  You will see my hope, doubt, and disappointment.  Thank you so much, Stony Creek Colors, for not only sending me the indigo, but also working with me all afternoon when the first protocol I followed didn't work for me.  You helped me reach a strategy to resurrect this vat (switching from an iron vat to a hydro vat) so I could successfully use the indigo to dye yarn.

You can watch my whole indigo vat journey in the indigo week playlist here:

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