Friday, February 20, 2009

Story of the Cactuar

My boyfriend and I are addicted to playing older Final Fantasy games together. He will do most of the playing, I will knit, and we spend some vegetation time together.

I was looking at commercially available stuffed Cactuars, and came across a pattern for making a knit one! I decided that this would make a fun gift for my boyfriend (especially since I like to make him something for each holiday.)

I have made some adaptations to the published pattern:
  • I increased the length of the body. I may decided to felt the little monster after I complete it (I am a little felting obsessed at the moment!) If you compare the finished designed cactuar to a photo, you will find that the proportions are a bit off. Even if I decide not to felt him, the increase in length should make him more proportional.
  • Instead of making the arms and legs with the kinks in them, I knitted straight tubes for each appendage. (GIVE STS ETC). I purchased flower wire from a craft store, and bent it to make each appendage flexible. By doubling the wire back and forth multiple times, you can still bend the arms (and they'll stay) even when stuffed.
  • NOTE: You always need more scrap yarn than you may think. I ran out of the black wool I was using to embroider on the eyes etc, so I had to wait for more to come though the mail.

My boyfriend and I tend to have similar ideas for gifts, he gave me the plush version while I was making this for him! (I tend to think that the one he gave me looks more authentic. Mine seems to appear a bit like a walking pickle!)