Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two at a Time, Toe-up Socks

Ever since I've heard of the technique, I've wanted to try to knit socks two at a time on two round needles. Knitpicks has a FREE pattern for two at a time toe up socks that has very good instructions for someone who has never tried two at a time socks before. The instructions are general, so you can adapt them to your gauge and foot size.

I selected SIRDAR-Crofter DK Fair Isle Effect yarn. This cotton/wool/acrylic blend has a color gradient which creates a fun pattern. These socks are pretty much a tube with an afterthought heel.

Unfortunately, I cast off loosely for the cuff... or at least what I thought was loose... Turns out, they are now too tight to fit over my ankle. (I had been WAITING to pick up the afterthought heal stitches to try on the socks to see how they'd look.) If only I'd attempted to try on the socks before weaving in the ends and tying it off!

I fixed the bindoff, and they fit perfectly! Aren't they darling?